Saturday, December 31, 2011

Try Stuff Out

Politicians like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann and all the way back to JFK, Nixon, Truman, Lincoln and Washington had what is called a Stump Speech.

It’s a series of talks they give over and over on the road in a campaign. They adjust them as they go in all of the primaries and the election – a little tweak in Iowa; a subtle nuance in New Hampshire; a new flourish in Florida; and an extra pinch of passion in California – but it’s basically the same speech.

They even find signature lines along the way. Romney’s “opportunity society” or Obama’s “pass this bill”.

Try that as a leader. Pick small gatherings and try stuff out. Build your own library of repeatable messages about your company. It makes your life easier, not harder.

Politicians are run ragged on the road – so are you. Don’t be creative. Find messages that work and use them over and over and over.

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