Friday, January 24, 2014

Brains on Board

As an external coach for my clients, I’m still a big believer in using your “brains on board” to help employees develop in their careers.  Your own line leaders are de facto coaches every single day.  It’s among the best ways to help employees learn and grow on the job.
Leaders can get paralyzed by the lead-by-example construct.  We live in a lead aloud world.  We can "follow" major and minor celebrity gurus on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They push their personal brands as influencers and some of us listen – by the hundreds of thousands.  Do we have to wait for external gurus to strut their stuff in cyberspace?  Why not use internal leaders to share their hard-earned wisdom across the company on internal social media?

Below see Ken Chennault tell the Wall Street Journal how he likes to run meetings.  It's 2:12 of sound advice.  Advice like this abounds in your companies. Why not give your leaders a platform?

Ken Chennault Video

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