Sunday, February 17, 2013

Give Yourself Permission

At times in business, we can project a professional version of ourselves to the world, rather than our real selves - like secret agents using a cover identity.  Rather than risk being who we really are; we play it safe as someone else.

In my experience, this is the single greatest barrier to us being good communicators.  We present as professionals and forget how to talk as people.

When I ask a client to repeat something in practice, as their real self, they get much better.  At times, "night and day" better.

They drop their corporate facade.  They break "speaker scar tissue" that's built up over the years and they start taking a few chances - on themselves.  They stop "presenting" and start "talking" again.

Give yourself permission to be the real you at work.  You'll be a more relaxed communicator; people will connect with you again; and you'll make more of an impact on the world around you.

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